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segunda-feira, 16 de agosto de 2010

[BD] String Busca PASSWORD

Banco de Strings Busca PASSWORDS
1+Busca de "index of" = Diretórios sem index, com arquivos que contenham senhas.
String: intitle:"Index of" .bash_history

 "intitle:"= Busca dentro do título, "Index of"= Diretório sem index", ".bash_history"= histórico de comandos inseridos na plataforma linux.

2+Busca de "index of" = Diretórios com nome passwd sem index, com arquivos que contenham senhas.
String: intitle:"index of" passwd
"intitle:"= Busca dentro do título, "Index of"= Diretório sem index", "passwd"= Diretório ou arquivos com senha.

3+Busca de "index of" = Diretórios sem index, com arquivos que envolvam  lista de users & contenham senhas.
String: intitle:"index of" people.lst
"intitle:"= Busca dentro do título, "Index of"= Diretório sem index","people.lst"=lista de users & pass de um determinado server geralmente Windows.
OBS: Geralmente acompanhado de um arquivo login.html* que com senhas contidas no arquivo.lst é acessível.

 4+Busca de "index of" = Diretórios sem index, com pastas que envolva  ADMIN / CONTAS / PASS / SENHAS,
String: intitle:"index of" admin OR accounts OR pass OR senha

"intitle:"= Busca dentro do título, "Index of"= Diretório sem index", "admin  accounts  pass  senha"=
diretorio ou arquivo que contenha nivel de ADM no server ou senha, "OR"= vem do inglês significa "OU" .

comment:Files containing passwords***-----
"# -FrontPage-" ext:pwd inurl:(service | authors | administrators | users)
"# -FrontPage-" inurl:service.pwd
"AutoCreate=TRUE password=*"
"http://*:*@www" domainname
"index of/" "ws_ftp.ini" "parent directory"
"liveice configuration file" ext:cfg
"powered by ducalendar"
"Powered by Duclassified"
"Powered by Duclassified" "DUware All Rights reserved"
"powered by duclassmate"
"Powered by Dudirectory"
"powered by dudownload"
"Powered By Elite Forum Version *.*"
"Powered by Link Department"
"sets mode: +k"
"Powered by DUpaypal"
allinurl: admin mdb
eggdrop filetype:user user
etc (index.of)
ext:ini eudora.ini
ext:ini Version= password
filetype:bak inurl:"htaccess|passwd|shadow|htusers"
filetype:cfg mrtg "target[*]" -sample -cvs -example
filetype:cfm "cfapplication name" password
filetype:conf oekakibbs
filetype:conf sc_serv.conf
filetype:conf slapd.conf
filetype:config config intext:appSettings "User ID"
filetype:dat "password.dat"
filetype:dat wand.dat
filetype:inc dbconn
filetype:inc intext:mysql_connect
filetype:inc mysql_connect OR mysql_pconnect
filetype:ini inurl:"serv-u.ini"
filetype:ini inurl:flashFXP.ini
filetype:ini ServUDaemon
filetype:ini wcx_ftp
filetype:ini ws_ftp pwd
filetype:ldb admin
filetype:log "See `ipsec --copyright"
filetype:log inurl:"password.log"
filetype:mdb inurl:users.mdb
filetype:mdb wwforum
filetype:netrc password
filetype:pass pass intext:userid
filetype:pem intext:private
filetype:properties inurl:db intext:password
filetype:pwd service
filetype:pwl pwl
filetype:reg reg +intext:"defaultusername" +intext:"defaultpassword"
filetype:sql ("values * MD5" | "values * password" | "values * encrypt")
filetype:sql ("passwd values" | "password values" | "pass values" )
filetype:sql +"IDENTIFIED BY" -cvs
filetype:sql password
filetype:url +inurl:"ftp://" +inurl:";@"
filetype:xls username password email
htpasswd / htgroup
htpasswd / htpasswd.bak
intext:"enable secret 5 $"
intext:"powered by Web Wiz Journal"
intitle:"index of"
intitle:"index of"
intitle:"Index of" passwords modified
intitle:dupics inurl:(add.asp | default.asp | view.asp | voting.asp)
intitle:index.of administrators.pwd
intitle:Index.of etc shadow
intitle:index.of intext:"secring.skr"|"secring.pgp"|"secring.bak"
inurl:"GRC.DAT" intext:"password"
inurl:"slapd.conf" intext:"credentials" -manpage -"Manual Page" -man: -sample
inurl:"slapd.conf" intext:"rootpw" -manpage -"Manual Page" -man: -sample
inurl:"wvdial.conf" intext:"password"
inurl:ccbill filetype:log
inurl:chap-secrets -cvs
inurl:config.php dbuname dbpass
inurl:filezilla.xml -cvs
inurl:lilo.conf filetype:conf password -tatercounter2000 -bootpwd -man
inurl:nuke filetype:sql
inurl:ospfd.conf intext:password -sample -test -tutorial -download
inurl:pap-secrets -cvs
inurl:perform filetype:ini
inurl:secring ext:skr | ext:pgp | ext:bak
inurl:vtund.conf intext:pass -cvs
inurl:zebra.conf intext:password -sample -test -tutorial -download
LeapFTP intitle:"index.of./" sites.ini modified
intitle:index.of master.passwd -----master.passwd-----
intitle:"Index of" .mysql_history -----mysql history files-----
"Your password is * Remember this for later use" -----NickServ registration passwords-----
index.of passlist -----passlist-----
inurl:passlist.txt -----passlist.txt-----
intitle:index.of passwd passwd.bak -----passwd-----
intitle:"Index of..etc" passwd -----passwd / etc-----
intitle:index.of people.lst -----people.lst-----
filetype:conf inurl:psybnc.conf "USER.PASS=" -----psyBNC config files-----
intitle:"Index of" pwd.db -----pwd.db-----
signin filetype:url
intitle:"Index of" spwd.db passwd -pam.conf -----spwd.db / passwd-----
intitle:index.of trillian.ini -----trillian.ini-----

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